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Uncovering the Differences Between Stock and Mutual Insurance Companies

Stock and Mutual Insurance Companies

When it comes to insurance coverage, two big types of organizations dominate the industry – stock and mutual firms. However, if you’re not a market insider already, chances are a little insight is required in order to understand the comparison

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Making the Right Call When It Comes to Canceling Your Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance, Home Insurance

There’s no denying that flood insurance can be a heavy financial burden for those living here in Florida. However, does this mean that you should go ahead and cancel your plan in the hopes of saving a few bucks here

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Learning More About What Causes Your Auto Insurance Rates to Increase

Auto insurance is rarely a fun topic to bring up at the dinner table or with friends. However, unlike the latest blockbuster movie or your favorite book, this discussion often carries a significant amount of real-life implications – especially when

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Understanding the Difference between a Sinkhole and Catastrophic Ground Collapse

Sinkhole, Catastrophic Ground Collapse

As a homeowner, there’s plenty on your plate to worry about when it comes to natural disasters and environmental risks. However, chances are threats from below the surface aren’t too high up on your list currently. Unfortunately, this outlook could

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