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Windows, Doors, and Shutters Can Save You Money!

Home Insurance

Many people wonder, how much does the opening protection really save a person on their homeowner’s insurance? This is a great question and, unfortunately, the answer is a lot. You may hear of discounts up to 33 percent, but these

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Four-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections: What You Need to Know

Insurance, Wind Mitigation Inspections

Unfortunately if you’ve run a web search for the phrases “four-point inspection” or “wind mitigation inspection,” you’ve no doubt received a lot of advertising but very little in the way of facts. It’s time to clear up what these inspections

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Follow the Money: Assignment of Benefits

Insurance Agent

In the wake of the disaster, is very tempting to put everything in someone else’s hands while you try rebuild as much of your life as possible. Whether it’s a fire, flood, or hurricane, your life has been upended and

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Covering Your Business: Protect Your Income

Business Insurance

Does your commercial policy cover the interruption of business income during a loss? With the history of South Florida and hurricanes, you may want to consider adding this very important but often misunderstood policy to your business insurance package. Business

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Abuse of the Law: How Corrupt Contractors Can Scam You With an Assignment of Benefits

Insurance fraud

It’s a natural instinct: have as little to do with paperwork as possible. This goes double for emergency situations, such as water damage, when you require work to be done fast and without hassle. Apart from honest craftsmen, there are

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