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Really Dumb Ideas: “But It’s Paid For” Edition

Auto Insurance

Q: If I pay my car off do I still need to carry comprehensive and collision insurance? A: There are a lot of different factors to consider before changing your auto insurance coverage. While you may have been required to

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Takedown, Shakedown, You’re Busted: Personal Injury Protection Fraud

Personal Injury Protection Fraud

A recent report in the Orlando Sentinel says that auto insurance fraud is no longer growing. This should be taken in the same spirit as news that Mount St. Helens no longer erupts. A 2012 law was designed to put

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Satisfying Workers’ Compensation Requirements in Construction

Business Owner Insurance

You’ve started a small business in construction, and now you have to figure out all of the requirements of your state for insurance and workers’ compensation. Most of the states in the U.S., barring a few exceptions, make it a

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