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5 Things To Know Before Filing a Property Damage Claim

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Nobody controls the weather, and likewise you have no way to control other people and their actions. So whether it’s the weather that’s out of control, that raging party that got out of

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Is Florida Personal Injury Protection About to Pop?

Once upon a time, an experiment with no-fault insurance promised to lower Florida drivers’ insurance rates. Back in 2012, it seemed that no-fault with PIP was the wave of the future, promising to bring relief to drivers hammered by rate

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Florida Needs to Fix Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits started out as a great idea that would allow homeowners to rapidly make repairs to their home by assigning the insurance payout to their contractor. Sounds awesome, right? A pipe breaks in the middle of the night

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What is Keeping Millennials From Buying a Home?

It’s time that we stopped referring to Millennials as kids. The oldest members of the cohort are now in their mid-30s, and by large the only ones who are still in school are now postgrad. Yet again the press is

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