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What Is the Cost of Flood Insurance in Florida?

What Is the Cost of Flood Insurance in Florida

We’ve had a wild ride in the past two months, and it looks like we could be facing more storms teeing up in the South Atlantic. At the moment, the 10 year lull between major storms seems less like a

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In-Law-Suite Not So Sweet

homeowners insurance

Q: My in-laws moved out last summer to an assisted living facility. After they were gone, we renovated their two-bedroom apartment/in-law suite. Sometimes we rent it out on Airbnb since we live in a resort area. However, this past spring

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Commercial Driving Businesses Need Commercial Auto

Q: I started out driving for Uber and Lyft, but now I am opening my own limousine service in a couple of months. I have a good client list from doing ride-share, and now I own a limousine. What kind

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