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Higher Insurance Rates and Taxes? Thank AOB

Looking at the Florida economy, you think everything looks sunshiny in the Sunshine State. However there are problems lurking in our economy that are going unaddressed. One of them is about to put a dent in your wallet. We have

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Flipped House Hazard: How Much of a Problem is Polybutylene Plumbing?

House flipping was popular before the last recession, and this year is approaching pre-recession highs. However, while that “completely remodeled” house might look terrific and hit all of your I-Wanna spots, there can be hidden hazards that a simple inspection

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5 Things To Know Before Filing a Property Damage Claim

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Nobody controls the weather, and likewise you have no way to control other people and their actions. So whether it’s the weather that’s out of control, that raging party that got out of

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Florida Needs to Fix Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits started out as a great idea that would allow homeowners to rapidly make repairs to their home by assigning the insurance payout to their contractor. Sounds awesome, right? A pipe breaks in the middle of the night

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Just got a Drone? Will Your Homeowners Insurance Be Enough?

If you had a drone under the Christmas tree, you were not alone, as these unmanned aircraft are a popular gift. But if you have been winging around without a care in the world, then we need to bring you

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Florida Buyer Beware New Home Construction Defects

Anyone who remembers the housing boom that occurred prior to 2008 remembers that houses went up very quickly. It was impressive then to see the speed at which a vacant lot could be turned in to a housing development. Ten

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Pokémon Go Causing New Insurance Issues

People driving and playing Pokémon Go at the same time may be subject to distracted driving laws that prohibit texting or talking on a device while operating a motor vehicle

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