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What Is the Cost of Flood Insurance in Florida?

What Is the Cost of Flood Insurance in Florida

We’ve had a wild ride in the past two months, and it looks like we could be facing more storms teeing up in the South Atlantic. At the moment, the 10 year lull between major storms seems less like a

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Florida Got Soaked in June, Many Without Flood Coverage

We told you so. The run up to summer turned out to be a case of good news/bad news. First, the good news – heavy rains doused drought conditions that contributed to over 2500 wildfires across the state. The bad

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Tips to Keeping Your South Florida Home Cool This Summer

Although having a reliable, strong central AC is a basic utility in most Florida homes, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent heat from building and making your air conditioning less effective. Here are a few tips

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Is Florida Personal Injury Protection About to Pop?

Once upon a time, an experiment with no-fault insurance promised to lower Florida drivers’ insurance rates. Back in 2012, it seemed that no-fault with PIP was the wave of the future, promising to bring relief to drivers hammered by rate

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Flood Insurance: We Hate to Say that We Told You So

But we told you so, and told you so, and told… you get the idea. Matthew is on target to become one of the costliest storms on record with hundreds of millions of dollars in claims filed, and on the

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Tips for Buying a Second Home in Florida

A lot of people would love to have a second home. A favorite vacation spot seems like a natural place to invest your time and money. You’re not alone in wanting to buy a home in your favorite holiday spot,

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Home Insurance in Florida: Options Open Up

Homeowners Insurance

Owning and buying a home in Florida is changing for the better as we get into the new year. With the overall lack of severe tropical storms in the last few years—the Sun Sentinel reports that the state has gotten

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