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Avoid Escrow Fraud and Work with Licensed Agent

Escrow fraud is not a new problem, it’s been covered in the media for years. Florida’s CFO has issued a press release concerning the conduct of an unlicensed Miami man who represented himself as an insurance agent, and stands charged

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Florida Insurance Scam Alert!

Just in time for a renewal of hurricane season, along come the scammers. You have to admit, this time they aimed high by impersonating Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier himself. These emails were first brought to everyone’s attention on September 8,

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Miami Condo Boards Ripping Off Consumers

Almost everyone in SoFlo has read the Miami Herald’s article about condominium boards thumbing their noses at the law by charging exorbitant fees. Just because people don’t know it’s illegal does not make it alright. Instead of charging the $100

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Assignment of Benefits in Florida is Out of Control

If the legislature in Tallahassee was a football player, they would be Jim Marshall – the defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings who in 1964 ran 66 yards the wrong way into his own end zone. The legislative session has

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Takedown, Shakedown, You’re Busted: Personal Injury Protection Fraud

Personal Injury Protection Fraud

A recent report in the Orlando Sentinel says that auto insurance fraud is no longer growing. This should be taken in the same spirit as news that Mount St. Helens no longer erupts. A 2012 law was designed to put

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Abuse of the Law: How Corrupt Contractors Can Scam You With an Assignment of Benefits

Insurance fraud

It’s a natural instinct: have as little to do with paperwork as possible. This goes double for emergency situations, such as water damage, when you require work to be done fast and without hassle. Apart from honest craftsmen, there are

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Avoiding Homeowners Insurance Fraud at the Hands of Your Contractor

Your home is a sanctuary. It’s where you go to get away from the stress of the outside world and spend time with those closest to you. Unfortunately, just because your home is a special place doesn’t mean that it

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