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Pokémon Go Causing New Insurance Issues

People driving and playing Pokémon Go at the same time may be subject to distracted driving laws that prohibit texting or talking on a device while operating a motor vehicle

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Welcome to South Florida, It’s Time To Meet Your Insurance Agent

Welcome to South Florida! We have amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and you’re going to love it here! You may have just moved, or are thinking about it, but one of the first things on your agenda, even before you start

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Don’t Get Sold: Go Independent

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Independent insurance agents sell insurance policies from different insurance providers, rather than being captive agents to a single insurance company. We are not considered employees of a specific insurance company and do receive commissions for the policies that we sell.

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Follow the Money: Assignment of Benefits

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In the wake of the disaster, is very tempting to put everything in someone else’s hands while you try rebuild as much of your life as possible. Whether it’s a fire, flood, or hurricane, your life has been upended and

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5 Worst Distractions for Drivers

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There’s a time and place for everything. Anything beyond that is a distraction. For drivers, though, distractions could mean danger on the road, possibly leading to harmful and fatal accidents. In a report from the Liberty Mutual Research Institute For

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3 Ways to Make Yours a Disaster-Resilient Home

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Homes are important. Whether cozy or colossal, for many, owning a home is the pinnacle of a dream. Not all homes, however, are created equal. Some houses are designed so much stronger than others, and thus, are more resilient. The

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Understanding How Working with a Single Agent Can Save You Money

There’s no easy way to sugar coat the situation: Sometimes staying covered with the right kind of insurance means forking over a hefty amount of money. However, are you paying extra on your premiums and payments for no other reason

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