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Weirdest Insurance Claims in 2016

When the most you can say about 2016 is that it was an alright year, it’s time to lighten up with a few tales of insurance mayhem. Here are just a few of the strangest occurrences that may have caused

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Insurance Checklist for 2017

The new year is coming around again, and just like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, it’s time to review your insurance coverage to make sure that you are covered for any changes in your status, or just to

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Insurance and Tailgating Fails: Five Amazing things Your Insurance Will Pay For

Tailgating season is upon us. Well, more like it’s always on, but it gets the most attention in football season. It’s one of the grand traditions of being a sports fan – getting together with a few thousand people in

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Tech Moves Forward: How Will Insurance Catch Up?

The era of the automobile is coming to an end, and the era of the autonomous vehicle is just beginning. With what seems like breathtaking speed, vehicles have gone from being a sci-fi staple to being a tangible reality. With

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Credit Scores and Insurance Premiums: Fix One to Lower the Other

If you’re wondering why your insurance rates on your car and home are going up, it’s because your credit score may be going down. Your credit score determines a lot of things that happen in your life from obtaining a

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You Can Insure That?

We’ve covered a lot of insurance types on this blog. We’ve covered homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance. We’ve talked to you about insuring your car, your residence, your boat, and how to make

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Pokémon Go Causing New Insurance Issues

People driving and playing Pokémon Go at the same time may be subject to distracted driving laws that prohibit texting or talking on a device while operating a motor vehicle

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